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About Us

Careway Agro Procurement Pvt. Ltd. (CAP) was established in 2009, with a vision to innovate methodologies for procuring fruits, vegetables and other agro products directly from farms and manufacturing facilities.

Our core competency: Identification and procurement of the right product from the right place, at the right price from across diverse locations spread across the globe.
we cut through all barriers – seasonal, cultural and geographical in sync with prevailing government policies that we very well understand and adhere to.
Careway has recruited trained manpower that understands the market dynamics and provides value proposition to farmers providing them with basic knowledge to manage their seasonality with a practical approach.

With the expansion of business avenues, CAP is now also dealing with FMCG products and procuring directly from the companies, working as C&F agent, atering to various retails outlets of different formats spread regionally.


To Be One of The Best Global Supply Chain Company.

Careway Vision: is to bridge the gap between Demens and supply by providing High Quality & Efficient logistices between the producet and the end consumer.

Careway envision: to develop capabilities conntecting the Procurenent prosses globally between the local farmer and the customers worldwide, thereby enhancing the core competencies of that particular city or country .Its has been in talks with companies form Africa, australia and China for the same.

It aims at building state of the art RPC , and utilize the supply chaina and logistices practies to make timely and easy deliveries towerds private labels.

Careway: is emphasising lot on R&S methodologies and systems, to train people , educate the farmers to buiad a regular and rhythmic the farmer form from any , unforeseen risk due to irregular prices and irregular supplies.

We also utilise the services of our group company. Solus Internetional Pvt.Ltd Which has a pan-India presence and is equipped with warehouses , cold chains ,refrigerated vehicles, traines workforce to provide .It also has trading colleborations in Africa & Asia regions that supports our procurement process.


Packing Centre:  Careway  has its own packing centre in Delhi and provides the groceries-spices, rice, sugar, tea edible oil in different sizes.  

Collection Centers:  Vegetables and seasonal fruits are procured through collection centres strategically located in identified villages for washing, sorting grading and packing and dispatch to the wholesale. Retail, or mandi across the Indian subcontinent.

Microfinance: Careway intends to have a long team relationship with all its farmers. Careway has been pondering microfinance to the famers towards their domestic and commercial needs and envision to put a larger step towards offering the microfinance to farmers.

Sourcing Integration: Whether its spices from Gujarat or Kerala or Potato from Hapur or Agra, Ginger from Siliguri, Onion from Nasik, Careway has its presence on all fronts and is developing an intellectual capital towards building a process to procure the products from source.

Private Labels: Careway has its own privete label Dalieez which is already marking waves in the market.

Esteemed Clients: Have happy and satisfied list of Clients- The Big Store, Daily Basket, Sahi Keemat, Ritu Wears, Tryst 101 and many more.